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A site to support educators with the use of Clicker 5. What is Clicker 5? What is Clicker Paint?

Click here to view the informative video outlining the many features of Clicker 5.


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ANNOUNCEMENT: (6th December 2010) This site has not been updated for 13 months due to my commitments to a temporary promotion in management. I will be returning to my passion of inclusive technologies in February 2011. Can't wait. Thank you to the large number of visitors who continue to utilise the resources on this site. Once I get back in to the swing of things, I will slowly start to update various sections of this site. Regards, Jim Sprialis.

Crick Software has developed a brand new tool called WriteOnLine.
A Flash presentation can be found in the Literacy Tools section on .

Clicker Grids

The links below contain Grids and Grid templates to download from Clickerpedia.
Other Clickerpedia contributors of ready made grids.

CLICKER 5 Web Links

Clicker 5 grids can also be downloaded from the following sources: for hundreds of free Clicker Grids. Registration (free) is required. for more ideas and grids.
SET-BC for Curriculum resources.
Learning Magic has free sample grids on this page.
My delicious bookmarks for Clicker 5 .

Tutorials page

This page contains an extensive listing of links to help files and video tutorials for Clicker 5.

Clicker 4 tutorial archive (by Gerry Kennedy)

Media Management

This page contains information about the range of digital media supported by Clicker 5.

Free Resources

This page contains links to free addons for Clicker 5.

Quick Tips

This page contains tips to assist in the use of Clicker.

Course Participant Activities

This page contains the notes and sample grids for participants who have attended Clicker 5 workshops.

Clicker 5 wishlist

This page contains suggestions for future Clicker 5 updates.

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