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(added 18/5/08)

Public Domain Clipart

This site contains over 25,000 clipart images in the public domain. The PDClipart collection is free and does not require any registration.

(added 28/3/08)

Colour words

The Picture Library in Clicker 5 does not have any clipart to add to the names of colours.


A library could be created by downloading coloured buttons from a clipart web site.
Alternatively, you may wish to download this collection of 11 coloured buttons (some shown in the above screenshot).
Note: Place the folder of images in a shared directory and Register the Library.
It is highly recommended that the folder is NOT placed in the Crick Picture Library.

(added 18/1/08)

Clipart ETC

This site contains over 34,000 educational clipart images. Image searches can be conducted via the Site Map or search engine.

(added 9/1/08)

Wikimedia Commons

Images under the Creative Commons licence can be found at Wikimedia. The site has photos, diagrams (still image and animated), drawings, maps, graphs, timelines, animations and symbols (screenshot of Blissymbols below).


(added 4/1/08)
  • Royalty Free Digital Photos

Free Digital Photos is a site with thousands of royalty free photos for websites, PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, forums, blogs, schools and homework. Images can also be used for artist's reference, and video productions.Every image is free.

(added 24/11/07)
  • Imagine Symbols

Imagine symbols is a free collection of 4000 picture symbols. The high quality colour images are in png format. It is a 300 Mb download. Examples of some of the eighteen categories can be viewed in the Slideshare below.

(added 11/11/07)
  • Creating text in Indigenous languages with BabelMap

BabelMap is a free Unicode Character Map tool for Windows. It allows you to browse through the entire Unicode character repertoire. Characters can then be copied to the clipboard. Paste them in to Clicker Writer and they can then be dragged in to the cells in a grid page or the pop-up keyboard to display text in foreign languages.
A help tutorial outlining the procedure for creating an Indigenous language keyboard with the use of BabelMap can be found in the tutorials section.
The Slideshare below shows a series of screenshots of BabelMap.

(added 10/11/07)
  • EveryStockPhoto

This site searches many of the royalty free Stock Photo sites and brings back results from all of them.

(added 6/10/07)
  • Search engine for free sound files is a search engine for sound effects and musical samples. Type in your keyword, select formats, file size and sampling rates and then click Search to generate and preview a listing of sounds.

(added 4/10/07)
  • Numeracy Recording Templates

This folder contains a clock face, protractor, a number chart and an isometric geoboard for use with Clicker Paint. Examples of use can be found on the Wishlist page.

  • DK Clipart

Dorling Kindersley is a publishing company who produce some excellent reference materials with images of the highest quality. They also have a web site where their photographs and clipart can be freely downloaded for educational use. Categories include Space, Ancient Times, Music, the Human Body, History and Animals (view examples in the Slideshare below).
The cross-section images are excellent for use in Labelling activities in Clicker 5. The screenshot below shows how a collection of images can be used for a sequencing task.

View screenshots of the DK Clipart web site in this Slideshare.

(added 2/10/07)
  • Where is the set of Clicker 5 files allocated for use with the Training Booklet

This file does not come with your installation CD. It can be downloaded from the Crick web site at It is a self executing file and will install a folder entitled Training Resources in the Clicker 5 directory. Both Windows and Mac versions are available.

  • Where are the arrows for labelling activities?

Earlier versions of Clicker 5 will not have an Arrows palette installed. There is a manual process which can be undertaken to add an 'Arrows' palette to your copy of Clicker 5. This zipped download contains the palette and a text file with installation instructions.

  • Speech and Thought bubbles

There are no transparent speech bubbles in the Crick Picture Library. Download this collection and place the folder in a shared directory for access. It is not advisable to add this folder of images in to the Crick Picture Library folder.

  • Australian and New Zealand currency

High quality images of the Australian and New Zealand currency can be downloaded from the Activity Exchange on the Spectronics web site.

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