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Tutorials on other sites

Tutorials can also be found on the Help Sheets link at Spectronics' Clicker 5 FAQs page.
SET-BC has a comprehensive Clicker 5 Resource page with help files and streaming video tutorials.

(added 5/3/08)

Adding Speech Bubbles

This tutorial outlines how to added transparent multiple cells to accommodate speech or thought bubbles and dialogue. See Quick Tips for a screenshot.

(added 30/1/08)

Working with Embedded Sounds

This tutorial outlines how to re-use recorded sound files embedded in a cell in other cells or functions and how a recording can be re-named.


(added 17/12/07)

Adding Spellcheck functionality to Text Boxes.

As mentioned on the Quick Tips page, there is a way to add the spellchecker feature to a text box. A tutorial outlining the procedure can be downloaded below (as can the Spellcheck icon).


spellcheck.jpg Download the Spellchecker icon. spellcheck.jpg

(added 8/12/07)

Adding word prediction functionality to the popup keyboard.

This tutorial demonstrates how to extend the features of the popup keyboard to include word prediction. It was prepared by Assit-IT.


(added 15/11/07)

Aligning cells

This video tutorial demonstrates how to align cells vertically and horizontally and to batch resize a group of cells.

Download movie aligning cells.wmv 1Mb (1:14sec)

(added 10/11/07)

Creating Pop-up Keyboards in other languages

This tutorial outlines how to create a pop-up keyboard in Pitjantjatjara. Like many languages other than English, the keyboard will need to accommodate characters with accents. In Pitjantjatjara, retroflexes are used with some letters. A free program called Babel Map can be used to search for and utilize the Unicode characters required. Thank you to the Crick technical team for their support in this project.
Note: Even though the tutorial focuses on the Pitjantjatjara language, the principles can be applied to other contexts.

Creating Grid Sets with text from Indigenous Languages

This tutorial outlines the settings and procedures required to add letters, words or phrases in the Pitjantjatjara language. The procedure requires the use of the Pitjantjatjara keyboard.
The principles of this tutorial apply to the creation of grids in other languages.

(added 7/11/07)

Editing the Pronunciation

This tutorial outlines how to modify the phonetic map of a word to improve the pronunciation by the text to speech engine.

(added 3/11/07)

Creating Shared Word Banks

This tutorial outlines how to create extra word banks which can be shared by all log on users.

(added 18/10/07)

Copying Cells (or Textboxes) from one Grid Set to Another

This tutorial outlines how to copy cells from one Grid Set in to another one. The same principle applies for textboxes. This can be useful if you wish to have consistency in cell position and size, have the cell carry out the same actions or to utilize a body of text in other grids.

(added 15/10/07)

Scaffolded Oral Language Task

This tutorial outlines how to configure a number of popup Sound Recorders on the one page to assist students make a recording when describing an object. Each segment can be re-recorded. A speaker plays back the sequence of audio files. Two ready made templates can also be downloaded from the Clicker Grids page.

(added 14/10/07)

Text to audio conversion with Clicker 5 and Audacity

This tutorial outlines how to create an audio file from a body of text in Clicker Writer using a free program called Audacity.

(added 9/10/07)

Personalised Wordbanks

This tutorial outlines how to create a personalised wordbank.

(added 8/10/07)

Drag and Drop images in to a Cell

This tutorial outlines how to drag and drop images from the web in to a cell. The same procedure can be used to drag and drop images from the desktop or a folder which is not a registered Picture Library in Clicker.

(added 7/10/07)

Importing readymade Popup grids in to a New Grid Set

This tutorial shows how ready made grid pages or popup grids can be imported in to your New Grid Set. This can save quite a bit of time where complex popups are involved. A compilation file of 16 ready made popup grids can be downloaded from the Clicker Grids page.

Other useful sites

Spectronics has an extensive Clicker 5 FAQs page listing ideas, technical information, help files and accessibility considerations.They can be downloaded in pdf.
The individual help file listings can also be accessed here:
Clicker 5 - Beginner
Clicker 5 - Help Sheets

The Learning Center section on the SET-BC (Special Education Technology - British Columbia) web site also has a comprehensive Clicker 5 resource page with help files and streaming movie tutorials. http://www.setbc.org/setbc/access/access_clicker5_resources.html

Kent NGfL has help sheets, movie tutorials and sample grids to download.

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